Racing Driver: Grid PS3 or 360?

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May 18, 2005
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As there was a massive thread on the subject of which platform to get I thought I would see how it would roll doing the same.

Anyone have any thoughts?
After playing both demo's , all signs point to the 360 version easily.
Neither its total charlie rap!!! stick to Forza on 360 or Grand turismo 5 pro on Ps3....Lazy Codemasters making a quick buck:thumbsdow
i downloaded both and ive have to say while the 360 won over the PS3 version, i have to agree with the notliking it and stickin with Forza and PG4 for driving on 360 & GT5P on the PS3 :D:D:D
Played the PC version and the PS3 and the pc version looks better, I hear the 360 one does too.

Hated it at first but now I quite like it, would recommend downloading the demo and playing the street circuit for a while, it definitely grows on you
Arghhh another comparison thread, let's see what waffle this one gets filled up with :D
Awful game, but if I had to pick one then it would be the 360 version.

Give me Forza, GT5p, PGR, TDU any day!
Agree with CAS, dreadful game.

If I want a pick-up and play, arcade-style and great fun racer, I turn on my 360 and play PGR4.

If I want to get a bit more obsessive, analyse every apex, and concentrate on driving and shaving the odd tenth off, I'll turn on my PS3 and play GT5p.

So for fun, Grid doesn't work and nor does it for seriousness.
The PS3 version in my opinion looked extremely poor in comparison to the Xbox 360 one. It was very soft looking and lacking in detail. The 360 version was rich, sharp and it also played superbly .. I'm certainly looking forward to it when it's fully released ... :)
I thought it was just me- i'm glad people are saying 360 over ps3- the ps3 demo also seemed dark in comparison to the 360 version. Will probably pick it up when it inevitably drops to £17.99 on!:)
This game looks stunning on the pc at 1080p with 16xAA. It also works with the 360 pad out of the box as well as various wheels. Forget the console versions they don't even come close in the visual department. Its also cheaper on the pc.

Great fun. :smashin:
From the couple of reviews I've read it sounds as though both versions are graphically very similar, but the PS3 version apparently seems to have longer load times.

Depending how important load times are to you I guess it could be a decider for multiformat owners having a tough choice chosing which version to pick up.

As an aside I thought the demo was superb, each to their own I guess.
Does anyone know of any sites that give multi format reviews which are platform specific and point out the pros and cons of games on the PS3 and 360? The usual suspects like IGN et al seem to just do a generic review of the game and don't go in to much detail on differences between formats.
Eurogamer under their 'Features' section:)

Some think the site is pro MS but I don't see it.
Awful game, but if I had to pick one then it would be the 360 version.

Give me Forza, GT5p, PGR, TDU any day!

I must say that i've done an about turn since this post and I am now enjoying this game a fair bit :). I've gone for the PS3 version due to having an G25 wheel, which won't work on the 360. Both versions are technically similar, with the 360 version having the edge at demo stage.
Just a few updates: Firstly, we v-sync every frame, but allow the game to overrun if needed, which is very rare and is much preferable to a complete frame drop. Secondly, our performance tests show that the 360 is running at a rock solid 30fps and the PS3 rarely drops, being rock solid 99% of the time. San Fran in the demo is probably our worst performer when the action gets really heavy on a couple of those long straights. Thirdly, we don't lead on any platform. We have dedicated teams on each platform as that is the only way to get the best from each of them. Fourthly, there are some extra performance improvements between the demo and release on PS3 as we were tuning right to the last minute. This should be apparent in our forthcoming reviews. Just to be on the safe side, we also have some further improvements lined up our patch.

Hmm perhaps the retail versions will be practically the same? If so , and if I do end up deciding to buy this, picking which version might be harder after all.
from the exec producer of grid:

The 360 and PS3 platforms should look nigh on identical, with the exception that PS3 has 2xmsaa and 360 has 4xmsaa

...We output at 720p. In fact I know of no commercial 'AAA' games that do. Any that say 1080i/p are either upscaled or are genuinely 1080i/p in height, but stretched in width from 960 to 1920 pixels. Some are even upscaling from less than 720p on PS3!

Thats why it looks better on the 360...
Will still wait for feedback on final retail versions, but if the only difference is 2xMSAA/4xMSAA then I will more than likely pick up the PS3 version as I prefer gaming on that.
Will still wait for feedback on final retail versions, but if the only difference is 2xMSAA/4xMSAA then I will more than likely pick up the PS3 version as I prefer gaming on that.

Yeah I ordered the GAME special edition on PS3 today. I also much prefer to game on the PS3 and I have my G25 for the PS3 so it's a no brainer really. From reading the above it seems that the only way you will tell the difference between the two versions is by looking at zoomed in comparison screenshots on Eurogamer and to be honest i'd rather be playing the game than doing that :D.

The fact that there's really no decent wheel for the 360 (just that rather average official wheel) means that unless a racing game is considerably worse on the PS3 then i'll buy it on that. :)

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