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Reviewed by Cas Harlow, 1st July 2009
Poignant and insightful, Rachel Getting Married is a brutally realistic documentary-style movie about a dysfunctional, broken family during what should have been a pivotal, unreservedly happy occasion in their lives. Held together by a powerhouse performance by Anne Hathaway, and a wealth of true-to-life side-characters, the film survives being marginally overlong and self-indulgent, survives nausea-inducing cinematography to remain a worthy, fresh and honest production. The video, despite the shakiness of the hand wielding the camera, showcases some of the best that HD-filmwork has to offer, the audio being far more limited, not least because of the odd soundtrack. On the extras front there are some nice pieces included which fans of the movie and its characters will no doubt want to check out. Recommended for a rental at least.
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