Rabul Raid on Blazing Angels


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Can anybody help with the above level, what exactly am i supposed to concentrate on, destroying the airport or the fighters in the air

Driving me mental, trying to destroy the airport and fighters in the air, but keep getting the bombers have been destroyed


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that drove me insane trying to get that one done , in the end i went for the airport. i did a fly-by on the first pass and went for the planes taking off and the anti-aircraft guns at the rear , then hit the rest of the buildings and anti-aircraft guns.

it took me a good few trys to get but the fjords was worse :eek:


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Cheers m8, anybody else any ideas

I have looked on the net for a walkthrough but cant find one.

Can anybody help



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The only planes that attack the bombers are the ones that get off the runway, on your first pass hit as many of them as possible, then hit the 2 aa guns at the rear. Turn round and take out a load of the planes at the side of the runway, keep attacking them till the bombers come in then take out whatever planes are attacking the bombers. After that head back to the airport and destroy the buildings. If more planes get off the ground you might need to protect the bombers again though.


ahhh this is the level I'm stuck on also, very frustrating to the point of me giving up (wireless controller almsot went out the window in temper) - Will have to give it another go. Cheers Capo :thumbsup:


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Al last got past this level, attack the first wave of planes taking off and destroyed part of the airport after that just keep concentrating on the planes in the air,

Now on the normandy level, am more or less at the end of it but need to shoot down the reinforcement planes, any idea how many of these there are, have been playing for a while shooting down a few but taking its time

Any idea how many levels I have left now

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