R63 Maps should be there today maybe


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from R63 site :

After a couple of unforeseen delays, the Parkade and Scharins V2 maps have passed Microsoft certification and will be available for download on Xbox Live on Thursday, April 29th, 2004!

The Trainyard map will be available soon after Parkade and Scharins V2. Check in here regularly for updates regarding Trainyard. Ubi and Microsoft want to thank you for your patience and hope you enjoy the new maps!

Users of the old version will not be able to play users of the new version, however they will still be able to play users of the old version (i.e. Scharins V2 is not backwards compatible with the old version of Scharins). To avoid any confusion, Ubi and Microsoft suggest all users download the new version of Scharins (Scharins V2).

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Is this just the US or will we get it Today too I wonder?
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