R3 R4 Where to buy?


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Could someone advise me where i can Buy PAL discs outside of Europe?
Im after Indiana Jones trilogy (less the cuts on the European R2 version)!

Web links/addresses much appreciated.



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runningback said:
the Asian R3 discs are NTSC yes, if you want uncut PAL version go for the dutch version, it's uncut R2.

just found one one e-bay,

Hell the ebay seller wants £7 for delivery..........!
Well that and Ive kinda given up on ebay at the moment as Ive received to many pirates of late.

Thanks for all the tips. I couldn't resist the price so went with the CDWOW ntsc R1 version.



Indiana Jones

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I bought my Region 4 Indiana Jones Boxset from www.dvdcrave.com, no customs and delivered in less than 7 days, couldnt ask for more but if I had the choice now I wouldnt defently go for the Region 3 release.

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