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fire boy

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Hi to all

Does anyone have the R3 version of Kingdom of heaven from cdwow?

If so hows the PQ?

I'm asking as I thought R3 dvds where good until I bought Alexander R3
Pq was poor, On one dvd player I spun it on it was also very jerky.

Also sound was bad (Made them all sound like Irish construction workers :smashin: )

The only other R3 disc I have is Black Hawk Down Ultimate ed which is very good.


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Mines on it's way so can't comment on Kingdom of heaven, but, all my other region 3 editions of major releases have been comparable to other regions imo. They do vary from dvd to dvd though (as with all the other regions) so you'll have to compare on a disc by disc basis. What I'm trying to say is that I'm happy to purchase the region 3 version of any major release;)

Seth Gecko

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Sadly you chose the wrong R3 to try - Alexander on two different R3 disks I have is awful compared to the R1/R2 release.

As stated, generally they have been comparable/equal, Sin City has a superior (IMO) soundtrack to the R1, but Alexander has many issues on the R3.

I'm sure I've got Fox releases before on R3 and they've been fine.


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Im also hoping the R3 of Kingdom of Heaven is ok... was disappointed with pic quality of "the village" and the 1 disc "flying daggers", though the Blackhawk down superbit is excellent...


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The R3 of Sin City is an interlaced transfer, compared to the progressive R1/R2.


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I have a number of R3 titles including Alexander and Ive not noticed any picture quality issues,I'd better take another look


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I had the R3 HK 3-disc ltd ed of Alexander, and it looked "alright" - not stunning and certainly not as good as the R1 and R2 versions. I've flogged it now.

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