R3 Discs Question.

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I'm almost about to order the R3 Panic Room from CDWow, but I wondered, are the discs for that region, Asia, cut in any way at all for that particular audience, ie, sex, violence or whatever?

Particularly on this disc.



I'm surprised you're not going for the super-bit disc Guy.
Not certain about R3 discs, but I think it is usually just the cinema showings that are edited - I remember seeing Swordfish with laughable cuts which resembled a 1900's film.

General Skanky

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That is the superbit one via CDWow. However, to be safe I ordered it from Fut Ent R1.


Originally posted by General Skanky
That is the superbit one via CDWow.

:blush: I blame it on my hangover, which seem to get longer with age:rolleyes:


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so is there a difference between the R3 and R1 superbit.? I have the Reg 1 as always felt Reg 3 discs were inferior in picture quality, only ever had 2 - Battle Royale and The Others and both had questionable picture quality..


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i have the r3 super bit from cd wow its a genuine columbia tristar and has the same packaging, menus etc as the r1 it is anamorphic 2/40/1 ratio with a DTS and DD digital soundtrack.

Thus the r3 is no worse than r1

i also have r3 black hawk wow which is also from colmbia tri star and is also identical to r1

some r3 are poor quality such as the others r3 and are not anamorphic you just have to check

i am very happy with this disc


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1. R3 are like R2, i.e. every country in that region might have their own release.

2. There are cheap R3 (I call them "local productions") which are crap.
And here I don't mean pirated copies as those are usually R0.

3. R3 releases from the majors (Warner, Fox etc) are usually re-coded R1 and thus you can expect the same quality and no cuts as far as I can tell. Even in Malaysia they contained scenes usually considered offensive.
However sometimes extras or a DTS soundtrack might have been dropped in favour for Asian soundtracks and/or Asian subtitles.

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