R3 discs - non anamorphic?


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Sorry if this has been covered before, but R3 is too short to search for!

I have just got a batch of Korean R3 DVDs, and am having a problem displaying them on properly.

Basically, a 1.85:1 film comes up as a 2.35:1 would usually appear, and a 2.35:1 film appears as just a band in the middle of the screen. This can only be improved by 'zooming' the image on my TV, and thus cutting the sides off the image.

It is fine for 1.85:1 releases as I am used to black bars top and bottom, but on 2.35:1 ones it is almost unwatchable!

Does this mean that the discs are non-anamorphic?


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It does sound like they are non-anomorphic. What titles are you talking about?

The zoom function on a TV would usually only stretch the image vertically so you should not get the sides cut off...

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