R there any good MIDI or MINI AV receivers?


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I'm looking for a decent MIDI or MINI AV receiver with the latest Dolby & DTS decoders. The reason that it has to me a MIDI or MINI is due to lack of space for the full size receivers. I don't really require speakers has I can use the 5 I have already with my current Sony setup.

The other problem that I have is that my DVD player doesn't have 5.1 out, but it has Digital Coax & optical out so the receiver must be able to support this or I have to upgrade the DVD player?

Any suggestions???


PS oh... and a matching 5 or 3 disk CD player to go with it.


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Thanks for the suggestions so far. The Denon has good spec. but the gold colour is no good..... has to be silver(ish!). The Teac looks like it's now discontinuted, but looking at the web site, the AG-L800 looks the biz, but it's a bit pricey.... nearly £500, but you get what you pay for I suppose. Anyone know what the performace is like?

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