r/s £99 dac,could i connect to nad540cd player and how????


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Mar 20, 2002
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have tosh sd110e dvd player (coax only) and nad 540 cd player (coax only) as both dvd and my cd player only have coax only connection could i use r/sounds dac £99 with my nad cd player as i believe dac has optical connection and i believe a bnc? connecter is there a converter type box, coax to bnc cable, i would like the benifit of hdcd , as cd player was £230 new, would £99 dac be cost effective improvment,providing it can somehow be linked to nad540,your advice would be welcome, local rshas not got any in store so i would have to purchase from website,but woulkd like advice first,thank you all
oh how annoying is that! I typed you a reply then got cut off!

here goes again!

Assuming the bnc is for coax, then a phono to bnc adaptor isnt expensive, i got a couple for pennies from my local richersounds. The type of thing you are looking for is at http://rswww.com stock number 204-9293 but these are expensive, i know they can be had much cheaper.

I question your upgrade though. I think this might be a sideways move if not possibly backwards. The external dac introduces a new set of problems and i just dont believe there is benefit to external dacs at the lower end of the market. Also, surely there are very few hdcd's about...... i certainly have very few and i dont believe the difference is as night and day as some might claim. All in all, if it were my money, i would save it and buy a better player when funds are flowing more freely.

hope that helps!


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