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R-G-B and C Sync on the Sharp Z10000?

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by mgoldsmith, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. mgoldsmith


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    Is anyone using their Z10000 to accept RGB-s rca connections from a DVD player or Digital TV decoder that DOESN'T carry the Vertical Sync, just the "C Sync", or "S" output? (so is simply connected to the projector with only 4 rca leads, carrying Red Green Blue and Sync)

    Inputs 1 and 2 have 5 RCA connections each and they are listed for Red, Green, Blue, HD(or C Sync) and VD.

    The 4th RCA point on inputs 1 and 2 labelled "C Sync" made me think it would work, however i tried using a SCART to RCA plug adapter thingy the other day and it didn't work for me...
    this particular adapter was also rather no descript and said it was for YUV connections, but mentioned elsewhere it could output and input RGB signals .... (i took it back for a refund at the end of the day as i couldn't get it to work....as simple as i thought this process really should be :)

    I just want to take a SCART RGB connector that changes into RCA type leades with outputs to R-G-B and Sync (like the one that QED makes), and send it to my Z10000.
    There's nothing in the manual about this specific connection, other than "connect your DVD player or Digital TV decoder via ITS 5 RCA outputs into the z10000's inputs.....or consult your DTV's manual for additional information.."

    Hope that makes sense



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