quite simply- best picture quality tv...


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Which 32"- 40" has the best picture (regardless of price)

a) sky tv
b) sky hd

I want bright colours so would prefer an LCD. I'm not worried about brand, I don't need widgets or internet tv, or card readers its purely about a crisp, bright coklourful picture that blows you away

Your feedback is welcomed!


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are you watching it at night in a dark room?


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if you've accepted LCD's inherrant brightness and over saturation then all you need to watch out for is the dreaded backlight bleed!!

The sony W5500 range has got a very clinical picture but has got a backward backlight technology.

The sony Z4500 range has got a good picture but does not have proper colour management controls.

the samsung 7 series with LED backlight have a fantastic rich picture which is what I think your after.

the sammy 8 and 9 are really just clones of the 7 with different cases.

both have had reports of bleed and the samsung has sometimes suffered from combing.

they both decode sd pictures very well and their HD quality (as with most displays) is exceptional.

will you be gaming on the set? - if so this could have a big affect also will you be watching a lot of sport or mainly films and drama things like lost and csi?

Do you like playing around with settings all day or just prefer to turn it on and start watching?

both have got long threads on here so I suggest reading them.


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For me, the Sony W5500 are the best LCDs although some people have experienced clouding or bleed. But they deliver excellent performance on colours and blacks. I think it is a lot more difficult to choose LCD as there is such a variation of price and models.

In Plasma, get a Pioneer Kuro (usually 42") - they are just the best. Failing that, a Panasonic plasmas are excellent.


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Hi Dan i appreciate your help. I will be watching movies and sport. I took a 46" samsung (650) a few weeks back and was disappointed with the picture quality.
Sounds lime the 7000/7020 may be an improvement


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I've recently seen a 7020 50" on the go with a pixar blueray on - and it was one of the best pictures I've seen.

are you bothered about settings and gaming?


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right - the samsungs have got a bit of input lag on gaming - the sony w5500 suffer from this also.

the z4500 has good out of the box picture - although the colours are over saturated (which is what you want) it has virtually zero input lag in gaming mode (which disables the 200Hz mothionflow) and its HD quality is excellent. its SD deinterlacing software is not as good as the w5500 but the picture is on the screen quicker (not a problem when watching normal TV or Films) it doesn't have a proper colur managment control so you can't play with the colour setting (if your bothered about that). it has a 200Hzs motionflow programme so should handle the footy rather well.

its a bit pricey but I reccomend getting from someone who would take it back if not happy - John Lewis (£1600 with free BD player and 5 year warranty(which they may price match for you) or Amazon (£1143).

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