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Question Quite old Laptop Question


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I have just cleared out my attic and found my old dell XP laptop I know this quite old it has 2meg of Memory and 250 hard drive I was thinking is it worth keeping it still works OK a bit slow though but will only be used for e mails and the internet. Also Can I upgrade XP to windows 7 and I need to buy a battery which is quite on ebay so that would be no problem


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You don't want to be using Windows XP on-line these days as it's fairly vulnerable to malware (e.g. the recent NHS/Wannacry troubles).

Given that you'd need to spend money on both a new battery and a newer version of windows it's probably not worth it.


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2meg, you probably meant 2GB ? (or if it's really old 256MB, I can't recall if XP machines shipped with that, probably did)

You could turn the old computer into a chromebook of sorts, you can install a linux/chrome os clone like CloudReady Home Edition on it and if it runs okay you have a basic machine for internet/email via Google services, essentially an OS that runs Google Chrome browser and not much else.

Youtube might be a problem on such an old machine, may not have the processing power to play video.
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Thanks Guys could I run windows 7 on this

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