Quintro+ - nasty interference on 2nd RGB out?


Dan Smiffy

Hiya, I've just upgrade my Quatro to a Quintro+ to make use of its twin RGB scart outs (one for TV viewing, the other going to a plasma for special occasions ;)) but whenever I have two live RGB inputs feeding scarts 2 and 5 then the 2nd (supposedly inactive) input is clearly visible ghosting across the selected input when it's sent to the RGB compatible VCR scart.

Too late I've found a fair few threads on this forum knocking the build quality of their Quintro+. Has anybody got one that works better than I've described above? If so I'll send mine back for a replacement. If not it's going back for a refund :(


nope, mines not very good either
it sits on it's own in the corner unplugged.
The effect of this interference is not so much subtle as blindingly obvious: unless we've both been unlucky and our boxes were put together in the afternoon after someone's leaving do at the pub, there's absolutely no way the machine as designed by BTech should've gone into production. :(


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