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Quintro+ Interference?

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by DucatiEVO, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. DucatiEVO


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    I know this is the Plasma section but figured this is where the majority of Quintro+ owners would lurk! ;)

    Does anyone experience 'power' interference from their Q+? For some reason when my Q+ is plugged in and I turn my audio amp on, it lights up all the protection lights like a christmas tree before going into ready mode, almost as if I was playing with its mains lead.

    BUT if the Q+ is unplugged the amp powers up fine. This is odd as I only use the Q+ for video and not audio, so I'm assuming it has a cheap power unit in it that affects other equipment in close proximity. The Q+ sits on the floor under my Optimum stand, the amp is on the first shelf if that helps. All the equipement is plugged into a filtered mains block, even plugged the Q+ into a power socket 5 foot away and did the same.

    Any Ideas? - I'm gonna try moving the Q+ away from the stereo when I get home tonight and test my theory.

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