Quintro / DMR-E100H


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My connections are:-

E100 Quintro

AV1 (RGB Out) > Input 3 (RGB In)
AV2 (RGB In) < Output 1 (RGB Out)

When using the E100 on Quintro Input 3 as soon as I press Play/Funtions/Direct Navigator etc. the Quintro auto switches to Output 1 and I have to manually switch it back again.

Can anyone tell me why?




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I have a Quintro and E100 and have no problems.

From what you describe you seem to have the E100 looping into the Quintro and then back into itself.....why?

I assume you have a digi stb.

In which case it should be....

(All RGB)

AV1(E100)>Quintro In
Quintro Out>TV


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Cheers Kevo.

My logic in routing the stb through the Quintro rather than straight into AV2 on the E100 is threefold:-

1. I watch far more Sky than DVD so Sky picture quality is paramount. My Sky signal already has to pass through an Aspect Ratio Controller, a RGB2YUV converter, an iScan and obviously the Quintro. Even though 2 of the aforementioned are to improve the picture quality I still figured that the least components the signal has to pass through the better. With your configuration I'd have to add the E100 to the list.

2. Although it won't be a regular occurance I want to record my video collection on to DVD and don't want to have to mess around changing scart cables when I do. Therefore the VCR goes into the Quintro allowing recording to the E100 on the same Quintro output (No. 1) as for recording Sky+.

3. I didn't think of it. :)

If you can get your head around that lot you're a genius. I'm having to constantly refer to my diagram I've drawn of my setup just to type it. There's a DVD player in the mix too but that bypasses the Quintro. Also a video sender which utilises the Quintro's 2nd output scart (No. 4) enabling Sky+, E100 and VCR all to be viewed in the bedroom.

And I wonder why I'm still single. :)

I still think my set up should work. Well actually it does. I just have to keep manually changing the Quintro back after it autoswitches. If I ever get around to programming the pronto with all my new toys this shouldn't be a problem.



you seem to have the E100 looping into the Quintro and then back into itself

I guess that explains why when I tune the E100 to A2 the screen turns red, freezes and then slowly drifts right to left. Doesn't affect the recording, just what I see on the screen unless I change the Quintro to the Sky+ input.

So confusing :confused: Any other suggestions or do I have to make the same connections as you have?

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