Quiet Voices with Centre channel speaker on Blu Rays and DVD's


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Can anyone help? My centre channel speaker is very quiet when playing back films with the Playstation 3. So very quiet dialogue with Blu Rays and DVD's.

I have an Onkyo Receiver, with a PS3, Sky HD, and 3.1 speaker setup plugged in (Left, Centre, Right and Subwoofer speakers, so no rear surrounds). You can hear the voices but they are extremely quiet compared to the left, right and subwoofer output volumes. This only happens with films being played back on the Playstation 3.

With Sky the centre channel is loud and clear when inputting 5.1 films through the system, so it is only on the PS3 I have problems.

The wiring is: optical cable for the Sky from the receiver for the sound and HDMI for the picture. With the Playstation 3 it is an HDMI cable going into the receiver for the sound and picture.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!? :)


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Plug in the ps3, spin it up and alter the centre channel level on your amp.

The amp should then remember this setting, no problem :smashin:


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Or,fiddle about with the bitstream LPCM settings?on thePS3.
Put in a disc(film)press triangle,go to av settings,try the bitstream or LPCM.might work,who knows eh?
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Try fiddling with the dynamic range control if you are using LPCM audio output, which can be done while playing from the menu mentioned in the previous message.


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Thanks for your help, but unfortunately neither have really solved the problem.

Raising the centre speaker volume creates a new problem on my Onkyo receiver - the centre speaker is then way too loud for other inputs.

Fiddling with the AV options when you are watching a Blu Ray / DVD by pressing the triangle button has helped a little bit, but the centre channel / voices are still ridiculously out of line with the volumes of the left, right and subwoofer speakers. I am sure this is a problem rather than a perception, because when you input 5.1 from Sky HD the sound is much much more balanced.

Googling this problem seems to create a lot of forums with nobody that has solved it so far!?

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Raising the centre speaker volume creates a new problem on my Onkyo receiver - the centre speaker is then way too loud for other inputs.

Did you do this via the setup?
If so, that's incorrect, as it will naturally affect all the inputs.

I haven't messed with an Onkyo for ages, but I'm sure you should be able to alter the channels seperately for each input, which shouldn't affect the other inputs.

Which Onkyo is it?

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