Quiet HD Recommendations




I'm after a HD as a system drive don't need anything more than 40gb (altough I can obviously have more)

Just after one thats as quiet as possible !!

Any Recommendations?



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I was after a 40gb HDD to have my OS on but I found that they didn't make many of them at all now, the realy minimum you are looking at is 80gb. However I did want SATA II for a bit of speed...

I went for a Samsung Spinpoint 80gb Sata II:


Nice and fast and also very quiet too which was one of my requirements!

I think you can pick up a 40gb spinpoint but it would be SATA I, but if you are not that bothered about having SATA II then it would be perfect.

I'd reccomend the spinpoints and there might be others that do too - hope this helps! :thumbsup:


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i read that samsung and seagate are the HTPC users drives of choice

Paul Shirley

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I can just hear my 300Gb Spinpoint in an external drive case, can't hear the 400Gb Spinpoint in the PC case. Seek noise is softer than any other drives I've tried, in normal use you won't notice it - not to bad even when hammering the disk.


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I have a Samsung Spinpoint 500GB HD501LJ and it is very quiet indeed.
Also have a Western Digital WD2000JD 200Gb which is also quiet but is noticably louder than the Samsung when reading the disk.

I did have to turn on the Acoustic Management (AAM) on the WD drive though as it was off by default. This can be done using the Hitachi Feature tool


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Newer Seagates can be noisy.

It's possible to enable AAM on the Samsungs to make them very quiet. Unfortunately, this option isn't available on the Seagate SATA drives.

I'm using an 80GB and a 160GB Samsung. I haven't enabled AAM as they are quiet (thank God) :)

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