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Just picked up a Silverstone L10M, looks great but the standard fans provided are pretty loud and as I'll be mainly using it for HT, am going to change them. Already have Akasa Paxpower Black 400W ATX12V2.0 Ultra quiet PSU which is v.quiet and ati9800, once again v.quiet at low setting. Am thinking of Thermaltake XP-120 mated to SilenX 120mm fan for CPU and then SilenX fans for the case. It uses 3, one 80mm intake and two 60mm extractors.

Anyone have any experience with XP120 or SilenX fans?

What road have other L10M users gone down?


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Look at a Zalman ZM-MC1 which has two 12v or 5v fan outputs. The 5V outputs should slow the two 60mm fans down to an acceptable level. We find the Zalman 7000 with a Fanmate control hard to beat for quiet processor cooling. Fan is big but LC10M has plenty of room for this.


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I'm looking to purchase a L10M as well. I was kinda hoping that it wouldn't be too noisy with the stock fans, but I guess I'll have to buy some SilenX fans as well. Do you know anywhere apart from KustomPCs that stocks the 60mm SilenX? They seem to be out of stock at the moment.

I'm going to try out the NT01 cooler on a 2.6GHz P4 in the case. I reckon the heat sink will line up nicely with the 60mm fans on the back of the chassis (planning on using an Abit IC7-G mobo). I'm hoping this will give me the option of mounting the 60mms on the heat sink and ducting the air out the back.


Spoke to KustomPC (who seem to be only silenx reseller in UK) and they expect more silenx stock next week. In meantime I have reduced voltage of standard 60mm fans to 7v and they are now silent, but large drop in flow. Replaced the 80mm intake fan with an Akasa 80mm I already had and that is much quieter than standard fan, but specs of silenx fan on paper are even better, 28cfm at 14db opposed to Akasas 21cfm at 18db. Good thread here regarding the LC10M which I watch with interest.

At present cpu P4 3.2ghz cooled by Akasa 673, which is quiet, but that is due to poor cfm from the 80mm fan on it. Running zoomplayer for 2 hours, temp was 52C and case 39C. Playing Halflife2 for 45mins temp was 59C and case 42C.

Have looked at Zalman 7700 not 7000, but Thermalright XP-120 seems to just pip it in tests, though I may still go down the Zalman road, jury is still out.

Very impressed with the case build quality except the dvd eject button which feels lose. Haven't got around to setting up, playing with Imon remote etc.


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I have a Silverstone LC03V and again I had to replace the case fan as it was too noisy.
I went for Acousti Fans from QuitePC.
And I am very satisfied with them.

I also have a Thermalright XP-120 on my 3.4GHz LGA775 Pentium 4 which is a very hot piece of kit. The XP-120 is very impressive with my 120mm Acousti fan doing 1100rpm it not only keeps the CPU temp around 35C idealing and below 50C under normal operation but is also virtually silent.
Under heavy CPU load I increase the rpm to around 1600 to keep things cool. I have noticed when I drop the CPU load from a constant 100% its temp drops very quickly indicating the heatsink is doing a good job.
I think the heatpipes on the XP-120 actually move the heat away from the CPU into the radiator to be dissipated rather than trying to dissipate it from direct contact will the CPU like most other heatsinks. This has the advantage of keeping the CPU cooler while the heatsink gets hot.

I would definitely recommend the XP-120!

To control the fans I use an Enermax Panel which also gives me temp sensors, 2xUSB2, Firewire, 2xSATA and memory card slots for around £30.

P.S I originally had the Zalman 7700 heatsink but was not impressed so I swapped it for the XP-120


Have just fitted an XP-120 with a Papst 120mm fan onto the MB and it fits with no problems within the L10M. I fitted it while the MB was still within the case and just lifted out the PSU and twin 60mm rear fans to gain easier access. I also removed the fan guards from those twin fans to give a little more space. I'm still waiting for the Silenx 60mm fans to arrive at Kustompc, so with that in mind and running the stock fans at 7V, the temps were CPU 41 and case 32C at idle and CPU 48C and case 37C after a 90min film. There is little flow from the stock extractor fans at 7V, so hopefully the Silenx range will be better, I'll let you know. Oh and perhaps most importantly, it is still very quiet.

XP-120-L10M images


I have the L10M case and have used the standard fans with Zalman fan controllers. I found the front fan the loudest really, this is on it's own fanmate with another fanmate controlling the two rears via a Y cable.
A Zalman 7700 cpu cooler is used, mobo (ASUS A8V) temps 22 and CPU 34- 39.
Not silent (PSU could be better), but certainly not intrusive. I may consider swapping the fans come summer but seem to be fine at the moment.


Just to finish up this post on the LC10M, the silenx 60mm 12DB fans have arrived and been fitted, they are very quiet even at 12V so I have not bothered to reduce the voltage on them. I have fitted Zalman fan controllers to the 80mm intake fan and also one to the Papst 120mm fan running on the XP-120. This controller is routed to the exterior of case through the MB panel so I can adjust the fan speed depending on CPU usage. Temperatures now are in the range CPU 37 - 43C and case 29 - 33C for idle and viewing films, quite acceptable and certainly a lot quieter then the stock system.

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