Quiet 50mm fan for HDD recorder


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Just replaced the fan on my Toshiba RD85 as it was intermittently making imminent death noises. The choice locally was limited, the replacement part has a higher specified current and makes far more flow noise. Checking on specs via the internet, the outgoing Tranyoung/Cofan 5025LL12S 12V fan has a very low 2500rpm operating speed and 14dB rating (still delivers 8cfm, recorder is rated at 35W so not a huge task) and I can't find anything that matches it - even Scan's Fractal Design fan is rated 5dB louder. Temporary replacement is 12cfm @ 5000rpm. Any recommendations for brands or UK suppliers that might be a solution? I appreciate that small fans are not clever for delivering silent cooling.
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Fan replacement in consumer items is very rarely done so I doubt there is much experience here that can help you.

There is perhaps more likelihood in the Computer Components section... I'll move your query there if you wish?

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