Quicky HD upgrade question???

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Hey all,

I've got a 40gb PS3 on order and the wife is gona buy me a 320GB hard drive from Scan to put in it.

My question is should i put it in straight away when the ps3 arrives or should i fire it up with the 40gb HD still in it first? Is the 40gb HD empty when its a new ps3?

Thanks guys


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I would go for the 320g drive from the get go as its going to be less hassle in the long run. As a side note make sure you think about whether you want to use a Linux install at any point to avoid having to backup your data and lose things when you have to partition the drive in the future.

Enjoy your PS3 :smashin:


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I changed my hard drive after a couple of weeks. I read somewhere that it is not even necessary to have a backup if you do not want any files or settings to be saved.

Howevre, I would fire it up and make sure everything works before you go changing anything. If it is faulty you would need to re-insert the original drive.

The basic operating system I think is retained by the PS3 in its flash memory i.e. not on the HDD. But I think some basic settings and files will be.

You will need to upgrade the firmware currently 2.30 from the PS3 website.

My advice is to make a copy of this on a usb stick as per instructions on the website, then use it to update the PS3, but KEEP the copy until you change the drive units. You may need the latest update again - I did, as the PS3 asked for it even though I had updated prior to the change.

It seems that the 40GB PS3 which comes as part of the Gran Turismo Prologue 5 has some quirks when changing its drive unit.


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Probably worth turning it on and testing it with its factory spec drive etc first. It wont effect the HDD swap if you do this and just confirms the console is fine before you start tinkering.
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