Quicktime VOB with AC3 playback - help!


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Hello all... Mac noob here...

hopefully someone can help me solve my Quicktime playback problem...

I've ripped some DVDs using DVDDecrypter on a PC onto my NAS.
I'm now trying to play them back on an iMac running 10.5.1 (Leopard).

So far I've:

- installed Perian 1.0
- purchases the Apple MPEG2 codec (£15 !!!) and installed
- downloaded the A52 codec from:
- copied AC3MovieImport.component to library/quicktime/
- copied A52Codec.component to library/audio/plug-ins/components
- gone into applications -> Quicktime Player -> Get Info (cmd+click on the application name) and added Ac3MoveImport.component and A52Codec.component into the Plug-Ins list
- restarted the Mac

QT will play the VOB video, but no audio. I've spent ages trying different codecs etc... with no luck?

can any of you technical gurus offer any help?




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Perhaps PharCyder's post here will help?? If it works for FrontRow it should work with QT.

Hope this helps.

thanks... I'll give that a whirl. From the sounds of it, you can't play AC3 unless you're hooked up to an AV Amp, since that's the only way you can change the Audio MIDI parameters to get the codec to work!

I'm now waiting on my 6m optical cable. Obviously a 3.5 to TOS cable was nowhere to be found in a 6m length, so I've had to order a 6m TOS-TOS and a TOS-3.5 adapter (from cpc.co.uk). Oh and a mini DVI to DVI adapter for the video connection... and they say a MAC is easy to use :rolleyes:

I'll let you know how things go....


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