Quickie: Denon 2900 (or similar) loaDS better than Tosh 900e?


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Thinking of upgrading from the Sony 7700 to either the Denon 2900 or the Tosh 900e. Just looking at the DVD side of things - is the Denon pic and sound better than the Tosh or is the Tosh still up there as far as pic quality goes. Also are all the multiregion issues with the Denon resolved or will it be a safer bet with the Tosh. Not really bothered about DVD Audio or SACD or the CD playback - have a seperate CD player for that.

BTW, using it with a Panny W4 and a Barco Cine 7 with Limo Pro hooked into a Denon A1SR.

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the tosh is rather good, but is not pal prog compatable. it also suffers a little more from CUE and ICP than the denon.

My sister has the denon and i used to own a tosh 900e and 9500e.

personaly i would choose the 2900 if pic is all important.

My sisters came from www.leconcepts.com and has been faultless.


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Re the Denon. I understand that a few people have had 'issues' with them with regards to multiregion mods. I wish I had the time (and patience) to read through all the threads regarding Denon multiregion issues - have they been fixed, was there ever a problem or is this a case of 'no-one posts when a player is good?'

With regards to the Tosh v the Denon - how is it better - sound and picture? Sharper, brighter etc. Also has anyone compared the Tosh or Denon to the Sony 7700?

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Denon Picture is better, I find it has quite good detail reproduction.

Pal Prog mode is very good as well. the Denon has good solid de-interlacing as provided by the silicon image chip. One of the best out there.

the tosh has a very slick loading mec. but it does have real trouble displaying a clean red that isnt banded. It will be noticable on the panny you have.

Some people have had issues with the denon and some have not, but people most only wright here if they have a problem. My tosh 900e only
refused to play region 1 disc on the odd occassion, but power off/on and then it would play it.

On the Denon 2900 front the latest firmware does resolve all issues AFAIK

Its best to demo both units if poss, but i think the denon would be the clear winner IMHO

Zoro do a google search for code free 2900, you can get the latest firmwares online, burn to disc and your away


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I've got a Denon 2900 (multi-region) and was wondering what the latest firmware for it is. I was supplied with a multi-region disk back in July 2003 so are you saying there is a newer firmware release? If so do you know where I can get it from?




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i couldnt tell you if the firmware you have is the lastest, but if you contact your dealer or start a new thread asking that very question you might find the answer your looking for.

All im saying is my sisters unit never has caused a problem etc, it was because of her experience that i bought an A11


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hi i have the sony 7700 to and was going to upgrade do you think the denon 2900 has a better picture and sound quality over the sony 7700

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