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Answered Quickest /cheapest way round synology nas streaming constraint


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Hi all

I have a lovely Synology NAS:


... but it won't transcode through my my Fire TV stick running Plex.

I understand it is due to the NAS and / or the Fire TV stick not being beefy enough to transcode.

What would the cheapest additional bit of kit to place between my NAS and my various wireless Fire TV sticks, to make the difference and allow Plex to stream my local content?

I'm thinking some small server or something, but wondered if one of the other mass produced media streamers like Roku or a games console would be better. Would prefer low power and low noise though please and i don't have the time or inclination to get techy building the Linux side of things so would be Windows, Apple or Android in terms of the OS if Roku or other couldn't do it.

Thank you


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You could just install kodi on your stick and access the files via standard file sharing. Kodi on fire stick shouldn;t need any transcoding to play almost all files.


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That's interesting, thank you. Would still like to have Plex for accessing over the internet, but does anyone know why Plex needs to transcode and Kodi doesn't?


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this link

Can my Synology NAS transcode videos for my device? - FAQ - Synology - Network Attached Storage (NAS)

will I believe show you what your NAS can and cannot transcode.
Is it only plex you use whilst away from home?
have you tried using DS Video app?

some newer TVs have the DS video app available to them (new samsung TVs for example)

I would go get a device with kodi on it, I dont think this would solve the transcoding issues however.
How big are the files you want to transcode?
I presume you have Plex server on the NAS? if so, there are setting in there about transcoding and what resolution / quality you want, try and mess around with those settings and see what you can get.

Not to knock the AV forum at all, but maybe have a look on the official Synology forum as there are a lot of very knowledgeable people on there. Start at Synology Forum • View forum - Plex

One final thought is, can you play files via dlna via your tv, rather than using Plex?

My solution was to get a DS412+, store movies on there. NAS does the transcoding for everything. Also have a NUC with Kodi on it to stream from NAS and internet. works like a dream.


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That's interesting, thank you. Would still like to have Plex for accessing over the internet, but does anyone know why Plex needs to transcode and Kodi doesn't?
There's a guide to installing kodi on the stick here:

How to sideload apps like Kodi onto the Fire TV — Using nothing but the Fire TV

You could have the best of both worlds and install the plexbmc addon to kodi and have it access your plex library, but play using kodi. Plexbmc:

Add-on:PleXBMC - Kodi

I've got a DS214J NAS and this is what I do (there's no chance of a 'J' NAS doing any decent transcoding)

Edit - Transcoding is used for one of two reasons, either your player (or more likely the plex app on the player) doesn't support that codec, or you want to make the amount of data streamed smaller (i.e. for sending across internet, as your upload speed is usually a fraction of your download speed).
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Both of you have helped me loads, so thank you.

I got Plex streaming ok the bigger files by tweaking the Plex settings and I got Plexmbc working as suggested. :) Well pleased.

Virtual beers all round ....

Note for interested parties:

- upgrade to latest version of Kodi.
- upgrade to latest version of Plexbmc
- upgrade Synology to latest version of Plex Media Server

All required reading/research.

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