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Hi all,

I am now in the process of selecting what provider to choose in order to utilise Xbox Live, recommendations welcome by the way

Many of you on here recommend the following Modem Router's:




Now am I right in saying (stupid question it might be) but will the above products replace whichever modem is supplied by my chosen ISP.

Also is it true that if I connect my Xbox to one of the above will my PC need to be switched on in order to connect to Xbox Live.

Thanx in advance people. :thumbsup:


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Yes, whichever of those 2 routers you choose you will no longer need the modem your isp gave you. And answer to seconde question is no, your pc will NOT need to be switched on to connect to xbox live, only the router will need to be switched on.

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Thanx for the reply mate, that was the answer I was looking for. :clap:

Now all I need to do is select my ISP....



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When you're chosing which router/modem to buy, it's worth looking at the receivers as well. I'd have an absolute nightmare with mine as different brands are not neccessarily compatible with each other. My first Belkin pci card went back and even now my Netgear card won't understand the encryption so half of my block can use my broadband! :mad: :D

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Excuse my ignorance SansSouci but why would I need a receiver if I will be purchasing a modem/router?



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I think he is referring to a wireless router. If you had one then your signal would need to "received" by a Wireless ethernet bridge. From the sounds of it you are going to run a cable from your router to your Xbox so it wont concern you.


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