Quick Wharfedale SW150 connection help please!


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I there. I've recently upgraded my amp to a Yamaha 861 and have also had to move my sub across the room. I've bought a 10m rca to rca cable to connect up without realising there is no single rca input on the back of the sub.
I guess i need to buy some sort of adaptor, but do i plug into the left or right sub input??

Any help is grealty appreciated :thumbsup:


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No, no need for an adaptor. A lot of subs are built like this.....I think you can use either, but most manuals i've seen usually say, use the "right".

Hope this helps.


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It doesn't matter - you'll simply get 1/2 the sound volume out for any particular input level, as the 2 RCA inputs are normally simply summed together.

I use one of these:-

IXOS XHA215-Y1F Subwoofer Y Splitter / Adapter (0.3m)

which Richersounds were selling ridiculously cheaply, but don't seem to stock now.

Just remember to re-run Auto Setup again when you've connected both inputs !

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You don't need any adaptors, as prize said just use the right RCA connector (you'll probably find such advice in your sub's manual).


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Cheers everyone, so i'll just plug into the left white (or red?) and run setup on the amp.
I guess i'll just give it a go then!

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