Quick Vote Asus 1501 v Revo 3610 - placing order before 5pm

Which to buy before 5

  • Acer 3610L 4gb 500mb

    Votes: 6 75.0%
  • Asus Eb1501

    Votes: 2 25.0%

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HI All,

OK really want a HTPC/Nettop

like the look of the Asus and Acer.

spec wise their both ION Dual Core 330, for the price of the Asus, the Acer comes with a 500gb HD and 4GB ram, whilst the Asus has the DVD player (which I would probably never use) 2gb ram, 250gb hard drive, and a nice remote.

although the Acer sounds like a better deal do prefer the look of the Asus.

So please vote now



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ok deadline extended to tomorrow as microwarehouse are out of stock on both
It all comes down to the drive, if you really don't need the drive (i.e. you have a drive on another PC/laptop where you can rip CDs/DVDs) then get the Acer.


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Any specific reason for not considering ASRock 330 HT?
That's a Nettop with fantastic reviews from all over the world. :thumbsup:
You may check the specs @ http://www.asrock.com/nettop/overview.asp?Model=ION 330HT
It can be bought with OR without Windows 7 depending on your preference.
You can save some money if you can deal with Ubuntu and/or XBMC.
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Acer Revo R3610 - 2gb - 250GB - Windows 7 Premium @ Maplin - £230 + 2.5% cashback - HotUKDeals Forum

You can get the Revo for £230 at maplins - So if you got the Asus you're paying about £110 for a DVD drive.

See link above.

Apart from the inbuilt DVD Writer - Revo does not have -
a. Wireless n
b. Nice MC Remote. You can power on your PC using remote just like your DVD Player
c. useful RAID feature which ASROCK 330 HT does.
d. Inbuilt instant boot and OC tuning feature

[ Acer Revo 3610 - Product Details ] £ 249.99


AS Rock - Product Details £284.99

ASRock 330 HT for £ 284.99 here

The difference is just £35 (Now 55 if you consider the Maplin discount) and IMHO it is worth paying that much to get the additional features..

Rite now - BD Writers are costly. However eventually they will become cheaper. You can always replace the DVD RW Drive with the BD RW Drive later on when it becomes affordable to you..
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thanks guys. the only issue with the ASRock is that its ugly and chunky when compared against the other 2


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thanks guys. the only issue with the ASRock is that its ugly and chunky when compared against the other 2

It is really not that chunky. I bought the ASRock this week and love it.

Although mine is in my component cabinet with my other components so I don't care, but it's sleek black and is not large at all and is NOT loud as I have seen a lot of other posters claiming in other threads.

Money well spent for me IMHO! :D

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