Quick, sound Advice please :)


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I have currently got sitting in a box, all sealed, a set of Tannoy SFX 5.1's. Along side them is my RXV667 amp.

I'm having doubts as to my proposed install and in particular the front speakers. Couple of reasons:

1. I wanted to wall mount the speakers either side of my TV and PJ Screen and think the supplied speakers are a bit too small to look right
2. I want to be able to use them for listening to music, HI Fi etc and doubt they are up to some nice detail
3. I would now prefer bookshelf style speakers in gloss black / white to go with the planned decor and have the perfect spot for them. I like the mission MX1's size / price range etc.
4. The centre speaker, as it is silver, would then look odd alongside all the other black stuff etc...... :rolleyes:

What do I do!!!??? I cant help but think that I have wasted my money on the SFX speakers!!:blush:


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The 667 needs better speakers than the Tannoys to get the best from it. Also Tannoy speakers are often recommended for brighter sounding recievers (Onkyo/Sony) so again may not be a good match for your reciever. Budget sub/sat systems will also not be great with music either as they rely too much on the sub. In short I think you have bought the wrong speakers for your reciever and usage. If possible I would take them back and get new speakers. Considering your requirements I would look at the Q Accoustics 2000 AV package as a minimum. However, if this is too expensive why not buy a stereo pair of speakers to start and then get the other speakers as funds allow. This will get you a much better sounding system in the long run although it will not get you full surround straight away. You could look at Monitor Audio BX1 or even Q Accoustics 2010.
Another option would be the Monitor audio BR1 5.0 AV package from Quantum for £300. You could then add a sub later. This MA package is current on a large discount and with something like the BK Electronics Gemini II sub for £200 would make a great set for £500 (would need to spend close to £1k to really better it).


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Ok, thats a bit disappointing really as I took my advice from the guys in the store.

Ok, I think I will start with the SFX and build my system up as I go along.

I have a pair of Eltax monitor 3's but they dont suit the colour scheme. Would these be good front speakers for the amp? If i wanted both, Is there any way to flip speakers from the 5.1 fronts to the Eltax's when i want to listen to music or watch a movie?


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If you do not have a lot of funds then look at the Jamo A102 package instead of the Tannoys, or for a little more the Boston Accoustic soundware xs.

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