Quick questions regarding Sky->Vista Media Centre



Hi all,
I currently have a Media Centre PC running windows Vista Home Premium.

I generally download my tv shows/movies etc, but I want to start using my pc to record from Sky.

I currently don't have a TV card of any kind, and I'm a bit confused as to exactly what I need to get this up and running.

Also, if it matters, my Sky Digibox is a panasonic. I'm not entirely sure what connections is has on the back, but I can check when I get home from work.

Do I just need a TV Card that has an analog (coaxial?) connection, and run a cable from the box to the card? For instance, would this one do the job?
Hauppauge WinTV-Express TV Tuner PCI card + SoftPVR /TV + txt + capture C-Video - Ebuyer#

Also, my PC is currently not a dedicated Media Centre - what I mean is, it's not always on, I just turn it on when I want to watch something. Is there a way I can use the digibox as normal (without the PC being on) but still have the option to record via my PC when I need to?

I don't need the ability to record one channel and watch another, just to record things. I also don't have sky HD, it's just standard definition.

Any answers would be great - if you need any more info please ask.

Cheers :thumbsup:

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