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Quick Question !!!!

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by n0chex, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. n0chex

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    Oct 31, 2003
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    Here on AVF
    Pioneer VSXD814S anyone got this amp im thinking of buying it.

    I have the following :

    C3 fronts : http://www.celestion.com/products/cseries/c3.html

    C5-R rears : http://www.celestion.com/products/cseries/c5r.html

    C4-C Centre : http://www.celestion.com/products/cseries/c4c.html

    C6-S Subwoofer : http://www.celestion.com/products/cseries/c6s.html

    Paradigm® Reference Servo-15 subwoofer : http://www.paradigm.ca/Website/SiteReferenceProduct/RModels/Servo/ServoSeries.html

    Not sure if im going to be using the C6-S in my system i will have to do some testing as soon as i buy my AV Amp,.

    I was wondering if the Pioneer VSXD814S would be ok ,i would also like to know which would be a good speaker cable to buy single or Bi Wirei was looking at the QED and the Cable Talk stuff i have a Sony dvd player not sure of the model No but it looks nice and personally i think its a cracking Picture and good sound.

    I have been looking/Surfing the net for Reviews on this amp not many about cos its a new model i also like the idea of the mic and the auto set up feature ,The specs look very good and i personally think the amp itself looks nice but its not all about looks its the Quality that counts.

    Regarding the Speaker cable ive been told from a few different people now that .....> Don`t laugh :D 2.5 Twin mains Electrical cable Solid Copper core ,and Cat 5 Computer cable makes sense Really anybody tried this ! i know its grey thick and Ugly but if it sounds good no one is really going to see it .


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