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If you are running a dvd on 868 player through hdmi to a 504 you cannot "stretch" the picture to fit the screen but have the black bars top and bottom is this right or am i doing somthing wrong .
Also i have set my dvd player to 1260 res ( i think its that ) but the panel shows 720p why is that :confused:



The black bars are normal. The aspect ratio is 2.35:1. Most new movies are shot in that ratio. You cannot stretch the picture. if you watch a 1.85:1 movie, it will fill the whole screen. Actually, all widescreen TV´s and plasmas are in the ratio of 1.78:1. which means that you cannot see 100% of the picture in an 1.85:1 movie.

You say you use the 1280p resolution, which has 720p horisontal lines. That´s what the Pio is showing. 720 p horisontal lines. It says 750, but it's really 720. Don´t know where the 750 comes from.



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cool thanks for the quick reply back to watching movies then ;) :D

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