Quick question - which sub £250 Pal prog player


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This is a question for a friend, they've gone out and bought a cheap 42" LG plasma the PZ14 blind, and now they have asked me to sort out what else they'll need, so budget of £250 or less for as good a picture quality as possible.


Ryan :smashin:


Sony 930 (220 GBP) or 730 (130 GBP). These machines are supposed to be excellent for the money.


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The Limit dvda900se as on here.


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I got a Sony 930 and thinks it is fantastic. Plays music very well to.


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Where would be the cheapest place to get:

HK25, Multiregion + Pal Prog

Sony 930, Multiregion + Pal Prog

These both seem like very good budget players, would people agree that either of these would be a good choice for my friend?




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What about the new Cambridge Audio Azur 540D. RS have it for sale @ £249 and HCC give it a good review (issue 31).

Reviews – DVD Players
Essential Home Cinema Issue: 31
Product: Azur 540D DVD player

Best Buy
Five Stars “For build, looks and performance this is a stunning player at the price”
“ The Azur 540D is an absolute stunner”

See it here:


(I don't work for RS! it just looks interesting)


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you could buy eiter cambridge from RS, and return it if performance wasnt satisfactory.

I recommend the Sony 730, theres one for sale for £100 inc postage on these forums from KraGorn. Crazy Bargain for the picture IMO


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is the Sony PAL progressive??? or the cambridge? ( also check if Plasma is PAL prog scan as well as early models werent IIRC.


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Thanks for all your help.

My friend decided to go for a Sony 730 multiregion as they decided they didn't want to spend very much.

The 730 is Pal prog and multiregion for 123.99inc which seems really good.

I've checked whether the LG MZ-42PZ14 is Pal prog compatible and according to the datasheet on the website it is, however in the manual I downloaded there is only mention of 480i and 480p in to the component inputs, though it doesn't mention 576i but I'd have to assume it handles this, and so I'd say it will be ok with 576p but they've just left it off the manual...

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