Quick question......what's the current "best" software for a (hard) modded xbox?



Just about to hard mod a friends xbox......mod chip supplied is an oldish model but I had it myself & it's a good one :D .

I used an installer ages ago, Northern Monkey or something IIRC. Seemed to do just about everything but I've not been into the whole xbox scene for ages.

So what should I install on it? Something to boot from once modded & install everything.

Quick replies appreciated..........movie time fast approaching.... :D .

Thanks guys.



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Monty Burns

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And a new version of XBMC has just been released too that incorporates the beta web browser.

I have found one small prob with it, when streaming Vobs it seems to have a memory leak and starts to get jerky after about 20 mins (its not lag, its only using 1000k/s and has another 800k/s spare). Its only a small prob for me as I almost never stream vobs.

Other than that, its spot on!

Kramer, check out www.xbox-scene.com for the latest and greatest.

Monty Burns

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nigelbb said:
... Then grab a copy of the latest Xbox Media Centre from http://bitspace.dyndns.org:6560/

Just a quick note of caution. Whilst this site contains added extra's to XBMC this is the "pimped" version and as such has non-"official" code in it. Whilst these are great they can contain extra little bugs and bad releases (I recently had one myself).

I tend to stick to the XBMC site for the "official" versions but, thats my personal choice. A great many people are happy with the pimped versions :smashin:

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