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Quick question regarding the programability of harmony remotes

Ok so i have never owned a programmable remote but quite like the idea of using just one remote for all my kit. I have a tv 360 pc laptop and a couple of internet radios. So from what i can gather the 515 is out as that only controls five devices but the 525 or 555 should fit the bill nicely.

So very simply can i program the remote to do these functions via one button press on the remote control....

Turn on the tv select menu scroll to the usb media function and select music?

Turn on the tv and the pc at the same time?

Turn on the tv on and the 360 at the same time?

Map all the functions of my mce remote and use it to control woindows 7 media centre?

If somebody could confirm all of the above then it sounds like the harmonys are an essential piece of kit and i will buying one asap:D.

Many thanks.


One button press or icon touch on a Harmony sends power-on commands to one or more devices that you specify, and makes any input settings that they require. Additional commands for any of the relevant devices can be included in that automatic startup sequence. When you want to change to another set of devices that you've specified, any of the first ones that are not now required are automatically powered off, and the new power and input commands are made. At the end of a viewing session a single button press turns off all the devices that are currently on.
The database contains commands for a very wide range and number of devices, but if any are missing their commands can be "learned" to the Harmony from the original remotes.
Hey. Thanks.

So after all that can it do what i want it to according to the scenarios i outlined above?:D.:rotfl:.
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That's perfectly OK.
My first sentence says yes to the first three questions, and the last says probably to the fourth.
Cheers bud.

I did think you meant it would do what i wanted and from all i have read it appears perfect. I just wanted some final clarification before buying. Anyways i hope it does after all this as i have just picked up a second hand 525 from the forums.

Hope you dont mind maybe helping me out a bit more should i encounter any problems in the set up (although all being well i shouldnt as i have downloaded the manual and the latest software) as you seem like the man in the know.



Thanks very much for that - as you see from my signature I started with a 525, and it was fine.
You were right to check the details in advance.
To summarise, Harmonys can do anything the original remotes can do, but more practically.
Do feel free to bring us any questions, as I doubt that you'll find the manual much help.
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Got my harmony 525 and i can see i am going to have a lot of fun with this.

As it stands i have added a 360 remote, media centre remote and samsung tv remote to it. I tried to change a few things and was pretty puzzled when it didnt work as the keys according to the software had been detected. It was only after an hour of faffing about that i realised the software didnt automatically update the remote and you had to manually press the button. Doh!!!

Anyways it is all looking good so far and seems like a really decent bit of kit. Will be adding activities later. Ah what fun and games that will be. Hoping that if i get stuck some of you kind folk will help me out.


Good to hear that, but it's a pity you left off the setup when you had hardly begun it!
Setting up Activities comes immediately after setting up devices and there's no point in updating the Harmony until you have done that.
There shouldn't be any button pressing in updating though - what button was that?
Do let us know if anything comes up when you're doing the Activities - and have fun.:thumbsup:
Good to hear that, but it's a pity you left off the setup when you had hardly begun it!
Setting up Activities comes immediately after setting up devices and there's no point in updating the Harmony until you have done that.
There shouldn't be any button pressing in updating though - what button was that?
Do let us know if anything comes up when you're doing the Activities - and have fun.:thumbsup:
Sorry i wasnt very clear. The button was the update button in the software package (not a button on the remote itself).

And yes i know i need to sort out the activities but i just didnt have time but i wanted to make sure that t worked so it was just a pretty quick play.

Will let you know if i encounter any problems when i sort it properly tomorrow. Cheers.


Ah - got you - it does help, to select the update icon when you want to update.:D
And do let us know how you progress - tip - don't let the software set up your Activities automatically.

Ok i have questions and your help would be mucho appreciated as this is doing my nut in. Try as i might i cant seem to figure out these two issues i am having.

At the moment the problems i have are

1. When i choose activities and launch play a game the remote defaults to the default xbox remote. I dont know how to describe it but it is like the remote before i customized it. I then have to select devices and choose media game console before i can get it to work. It is like there are two different remote controls for the xbox even though on the software there is only one.

2. Is there any way i can change the layout of the remote so i could choose each different device by using one of the colour coded buttons at the bottom of the remote. Try as i might i cant see any way of doing this simple thing. What am i missing? Please tell me i can do this... please pretty please.

Other than the two things above though it is going great guns. Love it.


The first sounds like you didn't set up the Activity properly - didn't specify the correct device for each function. You can correct it by Customising the buttons to the devices that you want them to control, but it might be better to delete the Activity and set it up again, selecting the right type and sub-type, and specifying the correct devices for the functions.
On the 525 you can get the Device commands to appear by pressing the hard Devices button at the top, but there should never be any need to use that as all controlling is done within Activities. If you're finding that you need commands that aren't available on buttons or on the screen within Activities then you Customise them into the Activities.
HTH - Logi
Hmm well to be honest it is kind of not as good as i thought. I want to be able to customize the remote so if i want to have everything controlled individually i can. I have set up the xbox a few times and each time it hasnt been right. Not sure what i am doing wrong but the software doesnt make it easy. In fact i filled a survey (hardly ever do that in fact i cant even think of the last time i did) so they knew that while i liked the remote the software is a pile of pony.

Also i dont think it is laid out as well as it could be but at least it is comfortable in the hand. So my experience so far has been both good and bad. Have a day off tomorrow so will try it again then but to be honest i just cant be to keep having to redo everything especially when it should just work which is why i want to be able to specify indivual buttons for all aspects of the remote control. Technology just never makes my life any easier:D.
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The idea of Harmonys is just that - to make life easier.
That applies both to setting them up, and to using them.
You don't need to customise them - setting up Activites automatically assigns all the main controls to the appropriate buttons.
Only if you find you need extra controls do you need to customise them to spare buttons or the screen.
It's much better to combine devices into Activities, but if you really want to control each one separately, then simply select the Devices button.
That reverts the Harmony into one of the old-fashioned, much cheaper, one-device-at-a-time remotes.
There is a wide choice of Activity types and sub-types, so you work out which ones you want, specify which device is to do what in each, and the whole thing is done for you.

Ok take it all back. Have set up the activities and discovered where i was going wrong. I wanted quick access to the most used buttons and so was customizing the number pad but only on the remote control devices section. So when i was choosing an activity the customization was not working and i had to go out of the activity remote menu and into the devices one.

I have since found out that i also need to customize the buttons for the remote after i choose an activity (if you get my drift). For example when i was choosing play a game the 360 and tv would turn on and the remote was displaying xbox in the lcd screen so i thought i was using the xbox remote i had customized and was baffled as to why my buttons werent working (you still with me).:D

I had to choose devices and xbox remote and lo and behold the buttons worked. After customizing the buttons of the activity it all works swimingly and i am in fact a very happy bunny. A great bit of kit (that definately makes life easier once it is up and running as it should) let down by non intuitive software and very poor instructions. Still one learns as one goes along.

All good stuff and thanks for all the help and suggestions.


was customizing the number pad but only on the remote control devices section
You're not the first and won't be the last to do that. The device area is only for storing commands, not for using them. It's stupid that the software even gives the option to Customise them to buttons. On the other hand Customise Buttons is one of the three options on the front page of Activity settings, so it's clear you're meant to use that. You're right of course about the poor instructions. They ought to make it clear that everything is done in Activities and there's no point in doing anything to the device entries.
What are you finding non-intuitive about the software?

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