Quick question regarding extending speaker cable


I have just a basic Logitech z500 setup for now

thing is the cables aren't long enough to reach for the rears - however I have plenty of cable for the centre speaker

so I was thinking of cutting the centre and using the left over length to extending one of the rears so I could have it where needed.

They are pre soldered on the ends so what can I do? I Don't have a soldering kit so im thinking if I just cut and twist them together will it be ok? I know its not ideal but its not exactly a premium system anyway and just a temporary setup until I can figure out what I want

eventually i'll solder them but for now will it work ok?

I have a crimping tool and connectors but not sure if they will be ok with the gauge of cable here?

any tips are appreciated

thank you


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they will be fine twisted together aslong as you wrap tight with electricians tape afterwards

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