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After a load of pondering I've just ordered a Panny TH-42PW7B with media box from AV sales.

I didn't order the speakers as they were 1. Too expensive 2. Too ugly.

I'll probably get a receiver and 5.1 speakers when I get some more cash, but in the interim how do I connect speakers to the media box?

Could I use normal hi-fi speakers ? (mine connect using two copper wires); or do I need special cables/speakers?

Any recommendations for reasonably priced speakers (just two at the moment). Anout £150-£200?



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speakers connect directly to the tv, any old speakers will do until you get your audio sorted mate. the usual wires etc.


I'd pop in to your local Richer and buy whatever is going cheap. Simple spring clips on the screen, so 42 strand is fine for cable.


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Cheers for that. I'll pop into RS and see what they've got going.

As an additional question, how will component work? I understand component is a video only cable. So, do I run additional audio cables from the DVD to the media box, and then the sound signal goes from the media box to the screen, and hence the speakers?

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