Quick question (mid gaming on Atom 330?)


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I recently built and HTPC for my brother

ASUS at3iont-i deluxe (ATOM 330), 2GB RAM

Overclocked to 2.0 ghz, runs perfectly fine for video/audio playback, and very basic gaming (MAME, old games)
However, I tried to run FIFA11 on it, and while it works, it is too slow (FPS) to enjoy it

Just wondering what would be best way to update it in order to be able to play games:

Is there a way the ATOM330 can play games? (don't need hi detailed gfx, just enjoyable level)
Would 4GB make difference? (don't think so)
Would updating the graphics card be enough?

I am planning to buy a similar HTPC soon.
Are higher (ATOM2, i5… ) able to play newer games smoothly ?
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