Quick Question (DPL2), NE experienced home cinema user shud know the answer (i hope)


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Just got an Eltax AVR280 from RS £99.95. It has to go back anyhow as the remote's missing but I have a question.

Now, it's ok in stereo mode (using the tuner and TV digibox scart connection) but in DPL2 (movie and music) it's really quiet when connected to 4 speakers. (Hence turn deaf when switching back to stereo). I know I should have 5 and a subwoofer but with 4 this needs to be on full volume, and sound from the TV digibox sounds rather digital and processed (in a flawed way, like a very low bitrate real media file).

Is DPL2 only for digital connections like optical for CD player?

Is it worth changing to the Sony STRDE495?

The speakers I'm using are 6 and 8 ohm and sound okand loud with the stereo's there from. As I say, stereo is ok, DPL2 isn't and the surround effects are naff but they seem almost as loud as stereo.

Any thoughts or advice welcome.

Hoping to take the thing back today after a bit more testing

Thanks in advance




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First PLII works with analouge connections so that's not your problem.

As for poor sound quality - it shouldn't sound digitally processed but natrually the quality of the end result varies in different amps.

It could simply be that your speakers are difficult to drive and the amp is running out of power when trying to drive 4 speakers v 2. In any case there will always be some degree of volume difference between the 2 chanel mode and the surround modes.


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Thanks for your reply. Switched to the Sony STR-DE495. Much much better. Much louder, sounds much better. I guess the Eltax is just crap, although as a positive it's ok for Stereo and looks nice and may be ok for digital connections and DTS but I never tested for that.
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