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Quick question - Amp doesent do upscaling, what does that mean ??


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It means it just passes thru whatever HDMI signal it recieves. No scaling is done by the amp.

1080i input will result in 1080i output

576i input will result in 576i output and so on.

Just a point Kevin, but it also doesn't decode any audio over HDMI and doesn't upconvert video to HDMI. So any inputs will need the appropriate output connected to your display (composite, svideo, component and HDMI). The HDMI bit really is only functioning as a simple HDMI switch, the amp doesn't do anything else with the signal.


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It depends on your number of sources and number of inputs on the tv. Most tvs only have one input for component, if you have two component sources, then you haven't much choice, you'll have to go thru the amp. If you've only one, then I would suggest going straight to the tv for video, save you having to buy two component cables.


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Connecting HDMI through the amp is needed when you need to decode the sound; this is not relevant in your case.

Ignore composite (lowest quality), and unless you have a good reason, ignore component (quality is fine but the concomitant loss of automatic channel and aspect ratio switching and control options is a pain). Run SCART cables for SD sources straight to the TV. You only need component or composite if the source does nothing else (or you're posting from outside of Europe).

Switching through the amp is only required when you have more sources than connectors on the TV; the amp acts as an external switch.

The lack of scaling in an amp can be ignored - your TV (and DVD player) already do all the scaling you need.

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