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Quick question about HDMI...

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by Apnomis, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. Apnomis

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    Jul 4, 2003
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    Cheshire, UK
    Yeah I know the answer to this is probably burried away in the deep dark corners of this huge site, but just done a quick search and I'm afraid it's a case of information overload, since I'm only after a quick simple answer to a rhetorical question, not an in depth analysis...

    Basically I have a Panny PW6 and a Denon 2800 MkII DVD player connected via a component connection. Now I'm very happy with the PQ, but I'll be looking to upgrade to a new DVD player sometime this year.

    Since most players now come with HDMI connection I was wondering what advantages this connection offers? Is it the same as a DVI connection, I've heard people say you need a converter.

    Forgive my ignorance but I'm not really well up on this new connection, I know it carries sound but that's no good to me as my plasma doesn't have speakers, I think the DVD players come with a scaler which sounds interesting, is that why you need to use the HDMI connection?

    In a nutshell I need to know for future reference, if I buy a new generation DVD player with HDMI output will it be worth my while finding and buying a DVI terminal board for my PW6 (how much and where from?) and then buying a HDMI>DVI converter if needed (same questions) and connecting the DVD that way, or is the difference in PQ from a component connection mean it's not worth the effort? Finally is there any other connection the HDMI can be converted to, like the VGA port, again is this worth it?

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