quick question about CAT5 cabling


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got a load of cat5 and recently bought Canton CD1 speakers.

was now wondering to make my life easier, can i not just use one cable for +ve and another cable for -ve.

hope that makes sence, i tested this theory on some cheapo speakers and it seems to work fine.

any objections to this method, rather than 3 cat5, splitting the colours and whites.



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Personally, If i was using two cable, I would put all the colours to positive and all the whites to negative. In theory, this will give you the benefits of unwanted signal rejection from the twists in the Cat5.

In practice, Im not sure if it would make any difference, but its not difficult to do - so why not!


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2 CAT5s work perfectly well (, its up to you how you gather the solid conductors, I don’t think you can go wrong by colour coding them as above (just for a safety issue). The argument for adding another level of RFI interference rejection is a mute one I would say when the conductors are themselves twised along a single CAT5s length. Try it and see, Ive never noticed any difference due to braiding – non braided CAT5, it does make the finished cables look mighty purdy though.


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