Quick query regarding the SVS SB-3000 control app.

Derek S-H

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Am thinking about buying one of these to replace my Monitor Audio Gold W15.

The MA came with a remote (which I mostly use to switch the Sub on and off) and built-in Room EQ (which was perfect as I'm a set-it-and-forget-it kind of person).

The SVS doesn't have a remote (not an issue, really) nor Room EQ, but it does offer an app which allows you to set it up in the MLP using either a Smartphone or tablet.

My questions:

1. On the SVS website, they state the app supports downloads from either Google, Apple or Amazon:

SB-3000 (scroll down page for information)

But I can get Google Play via my Chromebook, so do I need another device?

2. If I do need another device, I was thinking of just a cheap tablet like this:

Amazon product

Would this work and could I use it like a glorified remote control?

Any other suggestions regarding setting up the Sub would be very gratefully received as I just let the MA do all the work previously, so have no idea what to do now.


Derek S-H

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Extra query (sorry, I don't actually know much about Subs)!

These are the specs for my Monitor Audio Gold W15:

15" driver
3" of travel
Down to 18 Hz
650 Watts continuous/1200 watts peak

SVS SB-3000:

13.5" driver
4" of travel (I think)
Down to 18 Hz
800 watts continuous/2500 watts peak (!)

Will a Sub with a smaller driver, but more travel and a bigger amp outperform one with a bigger driver, less travel and a smaller amp?

The room's 15' x 10', AV receiver is a Marantz SR7010 + an IOTA AVXP1 power amp.

Thanks again!

Derek S-H

Distinguished Member
Okay, it worked!

Thank you to @Topmetom 2, this saves me having to buy yet another device!

Can anyone answer my query in #Post 2?

Is there an owners' Thread on here?

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