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Hi all,

Just a quick query hope you can help. Looking to get some AV gear tomorrow - i've just moved in to a new flat and we have a nice big living room so it naturally needs some surround sound.

As you can see from the picture the tv is in the corner (where the missus wants it) so i'm thinking Yamaha RXV465 box with a couple of floorstanders on the sides (q acoustics 1030i) and some smaller 1010i's up the back. Also aiming for a sub to go in there too.

So my main questions are;

I haven't got a centre speaker - will i be baaaadly affected if i just use the floorstanders in their place?

Does my speaker placement look ok on the picture?

Many thanks all



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I take it the couch to the left is the main viewing position since the one at the bottom is not going to get a good surround effect.
But considering there is significant distance between the 2 seating locations you will struggle (if not impossible) to get a good surround effect on both.
I would be tempted to move the rear speaker on the bottom wall closer to the couch on the left to give a better surround effect there. Better to get a great effect at one location and rubbish on the other than OK on one and still rubbish on the other.
The front speakers also are a little too close together for my liking. I also think with your room layout you will be better to get a centre. I feel with al the different seating positions you will struggle to get the vocals etc. centred on the screen without one.


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Hi psm,

Actually, I tend to sit on the bottom wall couch rather than the one on the left. In this case, should i move the bottom wall speaker to the right of the couch and the other one closer as well? I am a bit of a nomad tho, like to sit on the rug infront of the tv when playing the ps3!!


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Yes I would centre the rear speakers around the bottom couch instead. Then when you do sit on the rug they will still be behind ou so give a good surround effect.
The way you have them now would not give a good effect on that couch.
I would but the left speaker where you have the right now and then the right on the other side of the couch in the right corner.

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