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On second thought, I can connect to the games console via a AV to Component cable which is sold as an accessory for the video capture device, so I know that will work.
But can I still use a HDMI cable for the camera?

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The whole point of HDMI is to prevent copying of High Value HD content - most devices equipped with HDMI output sockets will add HDCP encryption to the HD video stream.

HDMI to multiple RCA cables are at best mostly useless and at worst capable of causing damage to your HDMI equipped hardware.

If you can Output the required signal via the 3RCA Analogue Output of your Source and capture it via the 3RCA analogue Input of your capture device use that signal.

If you do have to Output an HDMI signal and capture it via the HD capable analogue Input of your capture device you will require an HDMI to Component converter that can deal with HDCP - HDFury being one of the few options still available!



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HDMI to component cannot be done with a simple cable like that.
HDMI is all digital , component is all analog. The only way to convert between the two is with some expensive active electronics.

The product is a fraud , along with any HDMI to analog cable that you might see.

The business model works because you must cover the cost of return postage , which costs more than the item , so the seller hopes you wont bother as financially its not worth it.

Pure scam , most of these products dont even have electrical connections inside when you open them up , which is not surprising as there is no way for this to be done.

Take a look at the reviews , the only good one is put there by the seller and that is full on nonsense , this cable wouldnt work with anything , regardless of the circumstances.

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