Quick ps3 streaming question....


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Just got this setup going today, downloaded my mkv file, it came with a sample mkv and the full 4+gig movie. My problem is when i convert the full movie useing mkv2vob and put it in my shared video folder, (windows media) the ps3 does not see it. When i convert the sample and put it in the same folder, the ps3 sees this and plays it fine.
I also converted a smaller concert and it plays perfect, useing the same steps...Im stumped as to why this movie cant be seen by my ps3...any suggestions guys...thanks glad i found this forum!


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I hated messing about with various MKV conversion tools when tring to stream to my PS3.

As you say even when you find a utility that works you still tend to find the odd file that just wont work for some reason.

I then found this PS3 Media Server and use it all the time. If you have a pc thats up to the job of transcoding it it works absolutly brilliantly and I recommend you give it a go.


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What are you converting it to, what settings are you using ?

In my experience, unless you've got some bizarre source file, mkv2vob will always work, it might be a question of changing the settings slightly though, but it works, full stop, so don't really agree with the above statement.

I agree PS3 Media Server is a great app, it's just i know i'm getting THE BEST output i can when i use mkv2vob, plus also 24fps playback...


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Well i havent changed any settings in mkv2vob and i have successfully converts to files so far both being under a gig in size. One is actually just a clip from the movie that came in the torrent. Its is also .mkv, here are my settings i n mkv2vob
Output type: File
Preferred audi language: Eng
Video Transcodeing: Automatic
Preferred subtitle language:None
File Splitting : None
Output File Extention: AutoMatic
Transcodeing codec :x264 (slow)
Ive also tried mpeg2 (fast) with the same result.
Im stumped, maybe it is "just one of those files"
I'm currently getting another movie to try and see if that works.


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hey thanks for the idea, i changed it to always, and still have he same issue of the ps3 seeing everything in my video folder except that movie....

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