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Hi there,

I am looking at buying an Optoma HD200X Projector )Optoma HD200X 1080p Full HD Home Cinema Projector: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo) to set up a home cinema, however am new to the whole process. I read in the FAQ Sticky...

"Now you need to position your ceiling mount so that the lens is positioned along the centerline of the screen"

I just wanted to check this is correct? The lens on the HD200x is offset to the side of the unit - I was under the impression that you can adjust the image to 'shift' over the the right, and have the centre of the projector in line with the centre of the screen, rather than off to one side in order to get the lens dead in line.

I know it is probably a stupid question, but thanks!!


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There is no horizontal lens shift on the HD200x so make sure the centre of the lens is in line with the horizontal centre of the screen.

It will also need to have the centre line of the lens approx 6-8"(depending on what throw you have) above the top (white portion) of the screen as there is no vertical shift either.

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