quick poll: How big is your screen/image?

richard plumb

Distinguished Member
I'd like a quick straw poll of how big peoples' screens are, and how far back they sit.

I'm in my house now, and looking at sizes etc. I was considering 7-8' wide 16:9, and would be viewing from around 17-18' away.

Stuart Wright

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Staff member
8 foot wide, about 9 foot away.

richard plumb

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blimey, don't your eyes go funny!?

I'm hoping this thread will settle things down to a happy medium for a first timer like me. I usually sit in the middle rows at the cinema, so I want to recreate that kind of viewing angle if possible.

But I'm imagining there's a limit for cheap projectors screen sizes. With my AE100 I'm assuming at least a 1.5x width distance, and allowing for 2x initially. So this will restrict in a small room.

But is there a light limit as the screen gets wider and each pixel is duller? Or if the room is totally light controlled doesn't it really matter, as the lumens output is the same overall?


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8' wide, sitting 14' - 20' away.

The further distance is more to do with room size and shape rather than viewing comfort - I find 12-14' absolutely fine - minimal screen door. The height of the screen will make a difference too - lower is certainly more comfortable to view


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7' wide, sitting 14' away (16:9).


Just ordered a 7ft manual screen from metroplan. I'll be sitting about 12-14 ft away.


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80" x 45" DaLite (just under 7ft) watched from about 12 feet

WOuld not want any bigger at this distance personally



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7ft wide 11ft away.

richard plumb

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So 8ft sounds like a good size for my viewing distance (around 15-18 ft.)

Now I just have to work out projector distance. You can guarantee it'll want to be smack bang where the lamp currently is...

**edit** 10.8 ft. - 13.4 ft for my 8ft wide screen.


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5' wide from 7' away. Small room.:(


8ft wide from 13ft away.


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sods law will probably make an appearance when it comes to locating your pj and screen.

There was no way I could accomodate the short throw, lights, screen width and seating without loads of hassle. I ended up swapping sofas around, removing a celining light an just leaving a blanking plate and screwing wood between the celining joists so I could mount the screen sensibly...

Still 'twas worth it I hope :rolleyes: :confused: :D


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7 ft wide, 16:9, viewed from 12/13 ft away.


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i have the ptae as well

have an 8 ft wide screen sit about 12 ft from the screen


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6' wide (16:9) and 9' away.

What PJ are you using to get your 8 foot wide, about 9 foot away screen settings?


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