Quick memory gaining tips needed....


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i have a 120gb macbook pro and i cant update itunes and leopard as my memory is full.....i need a quick and very easy way of gaining some memory so i can do updates ready for iphone 3.0 software......i have onyx and run that but still only have 319mb left.....is there a duplicate folder of pictures of iphoto and the same with itunes? i also need to load ilife 09 as well......dont have an external hard drive or the money to buy anything else at the moment.......so help!


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wise words there donkey...:) i have gone through all the stuff i dont want...but i saw something somewhere that iphoto stores duplicates so essentially using twice the space....same with itunes.....


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In iTunes you can run 'find dupes' and delete but in iPhoto you can't. If another drive isn't an option I'd say you need to archive stuff to DVD.


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install and run this app


and remove all the languages you will never need.

If I remember rightly, I reclaimed about 2GB of space......

I assume everyone's done this already … duh!

in addition delete all the Printer drivers you don't use which will again be 2-3Gb.


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check Movies/iMovie Projects folder as it can contain large files of abandoned imovie projects that can be quite large


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Give Xsimmer a thought.

It will remove all the unused PPC code from your universal applications. It also removes unused languages from your applications too. I think Monolingual only removes languages from the actual system. Correct me if I'm wrong? Xslimmer removes it from all your downloaded applications .


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Very true

However, 1TB drives aren't very expensive either!

Im close to pulling the trigger on this one

LaCie 1TB d2 Quadra Hard Disk - Apple Store (U.K.)

BUT now i've seen this one!!

LaCie 1TB Little Big Disk Quadra eSATA/FW/USB - Apple Store (U.K.)

It's so tiny! but UBER cool!

:eek: That's over £300!!!!! For only 1TB!!!!! I use a WD My Book 1TB with my Mac and that was only £85 from Amazon!:thumbsup: (free delivery too!)

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:eek: That's over £300!!!!! For only 1TB!!!!! I use a WD My Book 1TB with my Mac and that was only £85 from Amazon!:thumbsup: (free delivery too!)

I have the 500gb version of this connected to my imac which I use for time machine and it works great.
Yep, pricey isnt it! :eek:

I was about to buy it though, until I realised I was getting a time capsule too.... then it clicked, Dave you SPAZ! you wouldnt need both!! DOH :rolleyes::rolleyes:

So i'm going to stick with a time capsule.

Those lacie quadra's do look super cool though, especially the mini 1TB version (£300+)

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