quick hifi question...

Mr Cat

hi, got a quick query here...as you know - I got a nissan primera the other week, but the cdp / radio is shafted in it...now, my old car (which is still parked outside :D ) has a working cassette radio in there - i wanna take it out and pop in into the primera...

I guess it's a easy peasy task but I haven't done it before...

what do you do..?

my old car's a L reg fiat uno...



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Mr Cat said:
my old car's a L reg fiat uno...


Old stereo's probably rusted into the dash then.........

Mr Cat

it still works tho - and that was a newer kenwood jobby in there...

I'll have a mess around with a hammer and screwdriver when I get home in the dark... :D

I'll need to be quick as I have sold the fiat to a guy who says he'll scrap it for me...but I left the door unlocked (oops), so, I can quickly remove the stereo...
I hope the cops aren't driving past...lol...but it is in a cul de sac


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You'll probably need an ISO (for Kenwood end) to Nissan converter cable.

About a tenner from Car audio places or you Halfords will probably sell you one for about £200 quid:D

Jon Boy

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all wires should be on iso blocks so you can swap them over in about 5 mins flat!
If not wiring a stereo is easy! But would take a while to explain on here!

Failing that if you want a decent casette headunit i have on that i need to get rid of! I'll go and put it in the for sale section now if you're quick!



whats the reg ? or preferably the model number (P10, P11, P11-144 or P12) ?


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Which headunit is installed in the premeira and what reg is the Nissan.

appart from that :

1x Nissan capping plug ( 50%50 chance)

1x Kenwood removal keys ( about £5 from car shops)

1x cup o coffee.

Time to transfer units approx 20 mins

Mr Cat

it's ok chaps - the guy came for the car yesterday afternoon...

thanks for your replies tho! :thumbsup:

Mr Cat

trashbat said:
what model is it though, just out of interest ?

hi, my nissan is an s reg gx...not sure about the model Pxx tho...but the stereo itself is a nissan jobbie...

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