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There is a button combo that i remember someone pressing to reset the xbox not to reset the cache but to reboot the xbox my mates xbox is still fried and gets a black screen but im sure i recall there was a button combo to reset the 360 in this circumstance
anyone help me out



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Having had a bit of a google ( its great it is ) ive found this post but no idea whether it works or not..

It resets the display stuff to the default 480p it comes with out of the factory but again no idea if it works or will even help with black screen stuff..

Give it a go , cant hurt but if it breaks anything then you didnt see me right ;)

Turn your console on with the controller, while holding the R trigger and the Y button. This will reset the console to the default 480p.

Link to post thread

Need Button Combo (i.e. Up Down Left Right) To Change My Screen Resolu - Scenyx Entertainment Community



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For those of you experiencing freezing issues. Please try something that was made available after the update.

You can now clear the cache of all connected storage devices without using the three game disks method. Please use the following steps.

a. Start the Xbox 360 console without a disc in the disc tray.
b. Move to the System section of the Xbox Dashboard.
c. Select Memory, and then press the A button.
d. Select a storage device.

Important Do not press the A button.

Note It is not important whether you select the hard drive or a memory unit. When you clear the cache, the "purge" affects all connected storage devices.

e. Press the Y button to view the Device Options screen.
f. On the Device Options screen, use the following sequence on the controller:

Note The Device Options screen is the screen that contains the Rename and Format options.

a. Press the X button.
b. Press the X button.
c. Press the left bumper.
d. Press the right bumper.
e. Press the X button.
f. Press the X button.

Note If you do not enter the correct sequence, you can restart the sequence. You do not have to exit the Device Options screen.

After you enter the correct sequence, you receive the following message: This will perform maintenance on your Xbox 360 storage devices. Do you want to continue?
g. Select Yes, and then press the A button.

Also, please remember to try using the steps in the following article regarding auto-updates not downloading correctly for a game or the console dashboard.

When you attempt to title update for an Xbox 360 game, the title update does not download correctly

It will clear any achievements or game updates stored on the storage device's cache, but it does not delete the information permanently. You simply need to redownload any needed content or updates from Xbox Live again as you currently do.

System updates are not affected by this method as that is stored on the console itself. You will retain the same console software version.



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he already said it wasn't the cache button combo he was looking for in the first post.
Reminded me of it tho as not done it in donkeys :)

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